Answer The C.A.L.L.

I heard the call about two years ago.  I watched, I listened, I checked out the flyers, and I trolled event photos...guessing where the location was.  I came so very close one night, to answering the call.  My 30+ year old body wasn't having it.  The desire to trek out into the night to an event at 10pm was not strong enough.  Plus I think it was raining that night.

Either way, I still find myself mystified and wanting to experience what looks like to be one of those cultural reincarnations.  Throughout my life there have been times when I have felt right at home in new places.  The C.A.L.L. looks, and sounds like on of those places.  I looks like a place where creativity runs rampant, and the vibe in the room is warmed with love for life.  The story the flyers tell, allows for fellows like me to dream of living in that space.

 And yet, two years later, I have yet to answer the call.  One day I will.  I know it. Because my desire to experience freedom of creative thought is strong.

Past Flyers

I have a cousin....

I have a cousin....